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Ken Nelson

I did this about 5 yrs ago at the annual Dream Cruise, or Woodward Ave Dream Cruise, always held mid Aug. on Woodward Ave - which starts in downtown Detroit, and runs 4 lanes wide all the way to city of Pontiac Mich.  Each yr except for this one, about 30,000 classic cars, reall classics, hotrods, restomods, and one yr a garbage truck!  gather on a Saturday on Woodward, along  with about a Million spectators from all over the world, to view the World's largest car show.  

Leaving off the right rear wheel of my '70 D special, I drove up Woodward into Birmingham, Mi, the center of the cruise, and wowed the kids and spectators until the local constabulary frowned on my move, even tho the cars never get over about 1.5 mph(!!) and forced me to replace the wheel or they might've thrown me in the jug.  The spectators loved it, and when the kids told me I was missing a wheel, I just said "this car doesn't need it" and their jaws dropped.  I suppose I could have asked them to show me where in the "rule book" there was some law about driving on only three wheels, but I decided it wasn't worth the risk.  Too bad for the spectators - 


On Sun, Aug 23, 2020 at 11:01 AM Steve Weinert via <> wrote:
Doesn’t over stress as the load factor for any Sphere includes being the last remaining wheel on the ground.  

Low speed only and avoid going over bumps like railroad tracks at any sort of speed.  

Excessive maneuvering will ground the unshod hub.  

Not admitting to the youthful explorations leading to this advice. 

Steve W

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On Aug 23, 2020, at 9:52 AM, Leon Sumter <leonsumter1952@...> wrote:

Would this "party trick" not double load  in the loaded suspension sphere possibly causing its membrane to rupture?

On Sun, 23 Aug 2020, 16:32 Jonathan Dennis, <jdennis80@...> wrote:
Saw this posted to Hemmings this morning.

Looking forward to getting my ‘72 back on the road so I can try this out (at low speed).


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