Re: How to change all 4 tires without a jack

Ken Nelson

My two Renault caravelles had swing axle limiting straps - standard eqpt.


On Thu, Aug 20, 2020 at 6:07 PM David Russel <djrussel@...> wrote:
The two official Communist news outlets were Pravda (Truth) and Izvestia (which sort of translates as News or Information).  Folks in the USSR were known to "Joke" that there was no Truth in the Pravda, or News in Izvestia.

On some car, no memory of what or when, with swing axles i recall seeing a canvas strap that would keep the axle from swinging too far.  Might have been on a college roommates Corvair, but might have been some other car and at some other time.


On Thu, Aug 20, 2020 at 2:27 PM Fred Cisin <cisin@...> wrote:
Another kindred spirit.  When you learn a word by reading, you can only
guess the pronunciation.

I had always thought that "misled" was past tense of verb "to MISLE", and
pronounced "MY zuld"
"Politicians will MISLE you"

The correct spelling of the Russian newspaper requires a cyrillic font.
The third letter in the name looks like a capital 'B'
PI, 'P', 'A', 'B', isosceles trapezoid, 'A'

Pravda had nowhere near the ability to MISLE that the interwebs do.

On Thu, 20 Aug 2020, Matthew Spielberg wrote:

> I had long heard of Pravda, and never seen it spelled.
> (BTW, as a kid I knew of the comic character spelled Yosemite Sam, and having
> only read his name, knew him as Yo Semite in my brain. I did not connect him
> to the park, which I could always pronounce. I guess that I had never seen
> the park name spelled out)
> On 8/20/2020 1:11 PM, Ken Nelson wrote:
>> Very interesting Peter - thanks for that!  Sounds like the predecessor to
>> the web!   Now we don't know who to believe at all!
>> Ken

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