Re: Wrap in SF?

Ken Nelson

One of our guys in Donuts mentioned wrapping a car last Sat - I'll ask tomorrow at bagel shop - 

Hey By, did you see my writeup to grp about the gen bearing in my PL cabrio?  Last Sat tried to run with Fiat group and at first stoplight from park lot my gen froze, belt squealed like a stuck pig, and I had to motor the car around a corner on the starter in 2nd gear to get out of traffic.  Those bearings from those days never had grease seals on them - as soon as the grease got hot & ran out, they run dry, and in this case the balls cut thru the steep retaining bands, turned one area into shrapnel, which fell into races and jammed the balls.  If you've never checked your gen, I strongly suggest checking the pulley rotation for Feel, and noise.  They're 60 yrs old if never regreased.  

You can get new double-sealed bearings from Grainger supply, mail order, for $5 @ and shipping.   Part is no. 6202 2RS - means 35 mm OD, 15 ID, and 11 mm thick.  Drill or grind off the two rivets holding the keeper plate to the front gen cover, punch the rivet stubs out, push bearing out of front cover using a good-sized socket, and replace with these pre-lubed, sealed bearings which will outlast all of us.



On Fri, Jul 17, 2020 at 5:27 PM Byron Brill <jowett1@...> wrote:

One of my sons has friends looking for a company in the Bay Area that can do full body auto wraps.  Anyone have any recommendations?




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