Re: What to do with an Old Cars

Ken Nelson

Lou, is that a Goiath van in that pic? Or a Lloyd?  That's a rare bird!  


On Wed, Jul 8, 2020 at 1:09 AM Lou via <> wrote:
Hi Arcaners,           
    After you have religiously  changed the oil,        
waxed your car,  kept in the heated garage,        
 put on seat covers to preserve your car so   
the next owner might have a "like new"        
experience, it comes time to find that new    
owner who'll take the same pride of    
ownership that you have displayed.       
    You could give it to a friend or relative    
who would expect lifetime free warranty   
on all parts despite their abuse.       
    You could donate it to a charity that   
wouldn't bother to record a title change   
so you get someone else's parking    
tickets for ever more.   
    You could trade it in on a new car that   
doesn't have all the features you appreciated
in the old car and would raise the new car    
price what ever they said you were getting    
for a trade it.       
    OR  you could let these guys have it    
for a little fun.   
Forget about the "Lady Bird" laws, let    
sleeping Beauties lie.   (Photo below:)   
    Stay safe,            Lou         

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