Re: Amothjer virus -

Ken Nelson

Yes, Larry and Fred, it was the Citroen that one group member saw and sent around.  I'm not any good at editing videos guys - and Dick, the Citroen was not the virus I had in mind.  


On Mon, Jun 1, 2020 at 10:55 PM Larry Sacks <LMSacks@...> wrote:
Not sure what police response you saw in the video. I saw several police cars drive by, after the people that were trying to break into REI were forced to leave by a pair of people protesting and doing what they can to prevent looting and vandalism. 

But I’m really uncertain as to why you shared this video to the group?  This is the Arcane Autos group. 

Was it because of the lovely Citroen that appears in the background at the 2:37 mark?  

On Jun 1, 2020, at 7:37 PM, Ken Nelson <citbuff@...> wrote:

The video below in Van Nuys shows a virus that may be worse than covid19 - the police response here is the more frightening one - the subliminal prejudice that seems to rise instantly - in the wrong direction, at the wrong party - to color.


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