Re: Borgward-Goliath

Carter Willey <metric@...>

17-Dec-04 21:37:14, Alan a crit:

Did someone say "bottom feeder"? It just so happens I have a Lloyd
LT 600. Very cute, and I love it; but for sure built on a shoestring.
The LT 600 and related light trucks weren't nearly so 'bottom' as the Goli and
Tempo Dreirad (three-wheeled) light trucks, and even the Goggo van was spartan by
comparison to the Lloyd. While some of the three-wheelers had somewhat higher
payloads, the little Lloyds offered more comfort and much higher cruising speeds.
And the four-stroke SOHC engine in the Lloyd was a technical masterpiece, making
the engines in the Goli and Tempo look very crude indeed.

And the central-tube chassis of all these Lloyds was quite advanced.

But the LT 600, like other Lloyds of the 'fifties, had its roots solidly in old
technology, especially regarding the body. Much of the Lloyd light-truck was
wood-framed, covered with steel, just a small step from the 'Leukoplastbomber'
fabric covering of the preceeding models.

There was a fascinating array of German light trucks available during this time.
Tempos from Vidal & Sohn were strong competition for the LKW part of the Borgward
group. The Tempo Dreirad (arguably the longest-production car ever) was
technically more advanced than the Goli, and the Tempo Wiking was at least as
advanced as the LT 600, though different in conception.

Exciting times.


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