Re: Monster Garage Rumor

David Russel <djrussel@...>

Hey all,

pulled the bit below from another list and thought it might be of interest. Looks like they are going to beat us to the airwaves

but first, 3 huzzah's for Byron for clearing up the fog concerning ammouncements.


"Subject: Monster Garage

I just received a call from someone whose brother was at the set of
the Monster Garage show. Seems Jesse James has stooped to a new low,
as in build team that is. This group of builders are all midgets....
and their project?, a supercharged Japanese powered Messerschmitt. I
figure the influence of attending the National Microcar Meet in Ca.
must have had Jesse thinking the last couple of months. Flattery or
mockery toward our group is yet to be seen. Show date is set for Feb."



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