Messerschmitt clone kits available.

mark sebolt

Messerschmitt KR 200 Clone kits available for delivery in 6-8 weeks. I finally have an eta on the lifting sections and bonnets so am confidant that I can offer Messerchmitt KR 200 CLONE kits before moving. I can't really say they are projects because they are BITZA's, Frankencars or Harlequins, but, they would be a huge head start on any restoration. All the hard work has been done you essentially only need to have the body painted and then assemble the car. I will supply a complete newly made steel body in the model of your choice. With the body I will supply the original major parts needed to complete the "car", you will need to supply the paint, trim and small parts. Rebuilt Sachs 200 motor with aluminum rod, new piston, rebuilt carb and all of the normal wear parts replaced ready to install and run, Refurbished motor cradle with new battery shelf, painted ready to install. Chaincase rebuilt with sealed bearings and o-ring chain. Reproduction blackbox. Front suspension components rebuilt painted and ready to install. Used windshield. Newly recovered steering bar, shaft and trackrods Refurbished painted pedal cluster etc. Sports model to start at around $14,000 depending on options and accessories. All in all I don't know the legal ramifications of registering these in different localities but at what point does a car become a kit or a restoration from a wreck or total rust bucket project. ? It seems a 32 Duce at most car shows is an original radiator cap with a new car slid underneath. I can supply the parts to build all 4 models. Sport with fixed open top, Dometop with lifting section and aluminum dome frame, Cabriolet with lifting section and aluminum dome frame (previously drilled for snaps) and the 201/Roadster with roadster glass and aluminum fittings. Serious persons please contact me by PM or email at marklet2002@... I can supply a pricing tool you can use that lists the parts included in the kit as well as a listing of the parts you will need to supply that suggests sources and price estimates. Shipping is available worldwide but you will need to consult local regulations, I would ship as used and new replacement parts not as a car which should make things easier.

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