Re: Looking to borrow/rent a trailer to pick up a light-weight 3 wheel vehicle in Washington...

mark sebolt

Kinda sorta like this?  13 foot deck 47" wide at the flat max 51" between the upright flanges

Aluminum lightweight 16" wheels smooth towing with spare 

Trifold 6' long ramp for those pesky 3rd wheels 

please forgive autocomplete word changes I do not notice while composing

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Hi Arcaner's,

I'm looking for a trailer to pick up an unusual vehicle in Washington.

I'd like to head out this evening.

Anyone have a trailer they can loan/rent.

The vehicle is three wheeled, 1100 pounds, about 14 feet long, wheel base is about 12 feet.

I will guarantee replacement if trailer is stolen or damaged. :o)

Miles and I had an old flatbed trailer but we sold it after he moved up to Medford.

Kinda wishing I had kept that thing. :o)

Please text or call if you can help.

831 227-3188



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