Re: Lloyd van or truck parts needed. Please help.

Dick Tuttle

I don't know what Mr. Russell is up to.  Haven't heard from him in several years.  He bought my Goggomobil collection, not my Lloyds.

Dick Tuttle

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What became of the Bart Train guy, he lives in the bay area - Pittsburgh/Martinez  area -  he purchased Dick Tuttle's lloyds as i recall .... John Russel?

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Currently working on a Lloyd L600 transporter project. Hoping that someone might have an extra Lloyd hood (engine cover) and front seats and wheel covers for a Lloyd truck or van. 
I'm happy to pay a fair price for the parts or to return the favor if I have any parts that you may need.
Please contact me at chasgould@... if you can help. 
Thank you.

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