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Dick Tuttle

I don't know if your hydrosyphon system works differently from the thermosyphon system in my '34 Morgan JAP, but I have run around 50% antifreeze for 35 years now and never overheated, even though there is no fan.  Also ran it in my series MM Morris for years without trouble.  It seems to work well in the 1172 cc Ford engines as well.   Is the DKW cooling system a little marginal?

Dick Tuttle

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You can't run 50/50 antifreeze in a hydrosyphon cooling system, it does not flow and will overheat the engine. I run 3-5%. anti freeze, some corrosion inhibitor, and water wetter.

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If it has an aluminum head, use AF as it has additives to prevent alum. corrosion, and for pete's sake you need freeze protection anywhere.


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I was surprised my old 1958 DKW 3=6 Sonderklasse started so easily. It's a 3 cylinder, 2 stroke, 900cc water cooled wonder. Pre-mixed 40:1. Sometimes it blows smoke rings. This is the 1st start in some time so the exhaust is unusually smoky. It was really cold two weeks ago, in the teens. I run straight distilled water in the hydro-syphon cooling system and was afraid it would freeze up. It didn't thankfully, and today actually started. I'm very happy, and took it on a long  drive today to celebrate. We got lots of thumbs up. Here's some Holiday two stroke smoke and musical poppity-pop 2 stroke exhaust noises.
Merry Christmas !
Portland Or.

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