Re: Arcane Information - Could BMC have saved Borgward?

Dick Tuttle

I didn't know if the BMC interest of the failing Lloyd-Hansa concern.  Borgward, of course, ended up in Monterrey Mexico, where all the production machinery sat ina field a couple of  years before they were able to get production going in 1967.  Impulsora Mexicana Automtriz hoped to sell the 6 cylinder Borgward for taxi service, but only made a couple thousand of them before going under.  This website, though in Spanish, has a very nice picture history of Borgward,

They made a lot of weird stuff over the years.  Many of their designs seemed very labor intensive and expensive to manufacture.  I was once factory trained as a Lloyd mechanic.  (Not at the factory, but by the factory in San Francisco.)

Dick Tuttle

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