Re: New Years Anti Football Run (with heat?)went up the side of The seller was right-- it didn't spread a flame.

mark sebolt

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Now that the topic, heat, is on-topic, I'll share a memory and ask a Q:  In my Boston years, owning a VW Split-window van, I acquired a vertically cylindrical catalytic heater that burned fuel alcohol. Put out lots of heat, and was said to not spread a flame even if kicked over. Loaned it to a friend who went off in a friend's Splitty, and drove the van up the slope of the snowbank along the Mass Pike, flipping it (the van, not just the heater) over on its side. The heater's reputation was well deserved (although I don't know what the Consumer Product Safety Commission staff would have thought-- this was the early 70s, before they started poking into things commercial-- not that I don't appreciate safety): no flame spread at all, the heater was just returned to upright again outside the vehicle. If I recall, the smoldering glow was normally quenched by covering the core so it had no oxygen-- similar to the old kerosene smudge pots from the WW II era.
   The Q:  Anyone had experience with a similar portable heater (preferably small, as my Berkeley is way smaller inside than a VW van) that might both heat the car and not put out noxious fumes.  I don't think oxygen depletion would be any more a problem with a Berk, 'sealed' with side curtains, than was my van with its sliding front windows and crank-out jalousie windows in the back.  Preferably something more effective than a hot water bottle, but with a similarly low risk of fire in an accident.  Anything out there?


Concord, CA

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