Re: 1 or 2 interesting cars requested, Sunday 9/16 Danville CA.

mark sebolt

Sorry Bubble Window Coupe and Sliding Window Coupe  both have the sunroof

There are also Convertibles with the back window that folds down that are more rare but not in my stable.

No on the towing, the poor little motor in the Isetta barely gets it around, dragging a sibling would be too much insult for the poor beastie.

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Not being an Isetta guy it took a little bit to realize (guess) that BWC = Bubble Window Convertible and SWC = Sliding Window Convertible.  Is Dat correct?

Can you tow one Isetta with the other?  That would be a cool way to bring them to a nearby event.


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I have 3 cars that could be offered, 1957 Isetta BWC, 1958 Isetta SWC both concours quality the 57 is definatley a show car the 58 was built to more closely match factory specification.  I have a 59 KR201 roadster but it is wearing a 20 year old restoration.

I live in Concord about 15 minutes from Danville. 


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Hi all, I'm new to the group but not new to the genre.

I am looking for one or two interesting cars to fill in a specific space for the 2012 Danville d'Elegance September 16th, in Danville California, from about 8AM until 4PM.

My area is a Starbucks parking lot, vehicles that are interesting to me/historically mine: you can only look at so many Ferrari, Cobra, and other stuff like that right? I like to think I'm the rebel of the group.

Right now I'm in a bit of a panic, because the owner of the microcars I'd invited for my space has had a business challenge come up and can't attend.

I'm looking for one to three uncommon vehicles to help fill the space I'm responsible for. I cover entry fees and try to be a decent host during the day. It is always fun, and is for, what I think is a great cause because it is genetic.

If you can make the time - send me a note, and we can discuss details.

Here's the website: the YouTube Channel is here

A little of my history and interests:
My parents came back from a weekend away when I was in high school, and I'd left my camera gear (probably $2k in stuff) as a non-refundable deposit (so dad just had to help cover the asking price) on a Hillman Imp. He sold it at a garage sale when I was away looking at colleges.

Since then I've had an assortment of qualified marques for this group and currently have an assortment of pre 1965 scooters from Eastern Europe, Bajaj 3 wheelers, and a Daihatsu Tri-Mobile that is getting an engine transplant. I sold my 2CV about 18 months ago - and am kicking myself for doing that. I am on my 10th year as a volunteer docent at the Blackhawk Museum and spend my time reviving and perfecting the classic techniques of metal shaping car bodies and parts and etc.

Here's why:
My father-in-law passed away from Parkinson's three years ago. He was a pre-war participant in the London to Brighton Run with Marcus Chambers, Le Mans team mechanic, and was the West Coast mechanical rep/engineer for BMC in the 60's before he moved on to Jaguar. I am planning committee for Danville d'Elegance, which is a car show that benefits Parkinsons's research and patient care and is 100% run by volunteers.


Concord, CA


Concord, CA

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