Re: 4CV

Dick Tuttle

Despite their reputation for being short lived and flimsy, (Road and Track
described the shift lever as a piece of coat hanger with a pigeon egg in top)
the 4CV is a desirable piece and I hope someone gets it. Here are some reasons

1. They are cheeky little things with interesting shapes and features inside
and out.

2. They are challenging to keep running consistently, but go well and can
sound great, and despite tail heaviness, can be made to handle
pretty well.

3. They are very popular among the older members of the Vietnamese community.
Painted the right shade of blue they can bring tears in Orange and Santa
Clara Counties. They were the taxi cab of old Saigon.

4. It's a Porsche! There has always been a story of the French forcing F.
Porsche to work on the 4CV's design while being held for war crimes after WW2.
Most Porsche designs were obtuse and required hoards of very clever engineers
to get them to work well. I am not sure the French had those hoards at the

I hope some Arcaner gets this car. As for David's spectrum of value test,
what mass produced car could pass given the cost of restoration these days.
Come on, folks, we're not in this for the money, are we?

Dick Tuttle

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