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Dick Tuttle

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Dick, sounds like magic to me - the only self-balancing act I know of is the tub of a washing machine, and it self balance to prevent floor walking is the tub itself relocates off-center on its special rubber mount so that it seeks its own balance center.  In view of that, and the fact that our wheels go offcenter when bouncing due to imbalance, but cannot reposition themselves vs the AXLE as a washer can, I seriously doubt these ballsy claims!  Maybe I'm cockeyed in my thinking, but if a wheel wants to move to its heavy side, and the balls are in a track concentric with the tire/rim, why wouldn't they want to move to the heavy side also??  And make the situation worse???  I've forgotten most of my physics, but I do find these socalled self-correcting beads hard to believe.  More like the magnetic gas enhancers the crooks have been pedaling for 50 yrs.  


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Since wheel balancing is a topic, has anyone tried the various bead systems.  They guys that sell them say they are the greatest.  Only a fool would balance wheels with weights!  Here are a couple of sites that promote them.  I think there are many more. I am an eternal skeptic, but who knows?
Dick Tuttle

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