Re: Only one registered in the US???

Dick Tuttle

Hello Arcaners,

People tend to make amazing claims about their vehicles, but just as in
politics, the few in the know take it with a grain of salt. Many years ago I
suspected that my Peel Trident was the only one in the USA, and there was a P50 in
a collection in the Southwest. Now there is a Trident in the Gould collection
in Mass., one in the Weiner collection nr. Atlanta, and one in the Lane
museum in Nashville. The latter is the one that was offered in Hemmings and on
Ebay a while back. I corresponded with Jeff Lane, who seems to be a real Tatra
guy, when I forwarded him a Scootacar windscreen from the UK. I consider him a
keen enthusiast of good taste.

Mr. Kleeman's Trident won awards at last year's Microcar meet near Atlanta, I
think. While it appears to be of recent manufacture, the owner is having a
great time with it, just as I do. Once when using my Trident as a pit car at
the Monterey Historics one woman told me how much she loved it. She was 6'2"
tall and wondered if she could get in it. Naturally I told her to have a go at
it. She couldn't drive it of course, because the pedals take up some of the
foot room, but she could be a passenger and we cruised the pit area. She said,
"My God, you are an instant celebrity when you are in a Peel!" When we
stopped near the Bugatti folks she was with, and she got out and stood up, the
crowd was blown away. I only wish I could be in Daytona too. The most I usually
do is drive my Peel to Santana Row or up on the roof of Valley Fair Mall.
While car guys like us can appreciate a Tatra or a Panhard, non-car people always
appreciate the Peel.

By the way, my long awaited perspex dome has arrived in So. Cal. and I soon
hope to have it in my hands and installed. See you all at the Arcane Meet.

Cheers to all, Dick Tuttle, Santa Clara California

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