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Hi everyone!
Welcome to Arab America's listserv, Waasta Connect. Waasta in Arabic loosely means "who you know" or "connections". We are so excited to connect you all!

With our listserv, we have a couple of uses in mind:

  • Sending job postings
  • Sharing your resumes
  • Sharing events
  • Posting contract positions (like looking for a photographer)
  • Sharing resources for Arab Americans (such as scholarships)


  1. No comments on politics or religion.
  2. No profanity/insulting language.
  3. Emails have to be approved by the moderator(s).
  4. The moderator(s) reserves the right to not send the email.
  5. In the case the moderator doesn’t send the email, or if your email breaks a rule, the moderator will email you privately detailing which rule(s) it broke.
  6. After 3 violations of these rules, you will be removed from the listserv.
  7. Being a part of this group does not mean that you will find a job or automatically get the job. Arab America is not responsible for any open positions or information sent in the listserv. 
  8. No chain/spam emails.
  9. Messages in the listserv are private and can only be shared outside the group with explicit permission from the original sender. 

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