Re: Antuino use to place an FM - DAB roof antenna? - Gerber file available?



It might work with FM signals, but I doubt DAB, unless exceedingly strong.

The "RX" in the Antuino is quite narrow band, so you'd need to "tune"
into a relatively constant narrow band signal to get a sensible reading
you could use to position an antenna.   DAB signals in particular are
very wide band, and more noise like in nature than carriers.

It is a good tool for sniffing local RF leakage, from bad/damaged cables
and connectors for example, where the frequency is known.

For your antenna needs, try a common DTV/DAB "Dongle" and any of the
popular PC based SDR programs that show a spectrum plot, of course, not
easy to cart up to the roof, unless you can VNC from a phone to see the
PC's screen.


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