Re: 630 meters


Thanks Sarma,

I think you might be asking for more detail about my comment "only allows you to tune it in the upward direction".  If you follow Andre' s (PA3EIV) post #209, the dial only allows you to tune upward in frequency. This is the same problem you get if you tune below 1 Mhz, were the display jumps to (the x's are random digits) at this point it will only let you tune down in frequency. Once you tune down below it jumps to 145.000.000 and all is back to normal and will allow you to tune in either direction again.

The Antunio is a great little tool and now that I know how to get it to work on 630m it's even better. I've got more testing to do when I get my 630m antenna back up now that the lighting / hurricane season here in Florida is pretty much over.

I have some pictures of my 630m station from last year on my website


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