It Builds! (Re: Building from the source files. Library location.)


Hello again.

Many thanks David, Carl, Gary and Raj of course.

It's compiling now without error, using the ide version 1.8.10, running on Mint 19.2 64 bit.

I get this in the status text window when it's done:-

Sketch uses 22892 bytes (74%) of program storage space. Maximum is 30720 bytes.
Global variables use 1338 bytes (65%) of dynamic memory, leaving 710 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 2048 bytes.

So only two bytes different (I know, could be make or break.)  I set the system to build for Arduino Nano, using the old bootloader (as some sacrificial clones I have use that.)

It even loads into one of those Nano clones without complaint, plus if you look at the serial monitor, its spits out:-

*Antuino v2.1

After the Reset button is pressed.

So, other than the total lack of any attached hardware, I guess it's running!...

One more question, re the glcd library used here.  Does the file 'ks0108_Arduino.h' "Need" to be in the glcd lib' folder, or as it is an included file within the sketch, and sketch folder, will the configuration be picked up from there?

Related:  If I should use that library for other projects, using 'standard' interconnections, is that "modified" library OK for that, or should I use the Adafuit version from the IDE download site?   If so, how best to keep them segregated?

Thanks to All again.    Lets get all this documented so others can follow.

73 to All.

Dave G8KBV  (  Lunch hour just ends..  )

On 23/10/2019 12:19, David S wrote:


I think you've got the ols sketch version 1, the correct code is here 

Probably teaching you to suck eggs but download all files via the green Clone or download button on the right just above the list of files.

Having got that, unzipped the files wherever you prefer into a SINGLE directory called antenna_analyzer_p3 (that's all important) , the main (starting) file is antenna_analyzer_p3.ino and the IDE requires the same directory name.  The first line in that file is the display library    #include <glcd.h>

The <.file name..> means you have to install the library into the Arduino IDE, I think you may have already done that though. If not when you try to compile you will get an error cant find xxx, you can install zipped libraries from within the IDE, just point the IDE to the directory your using.

I can compile under  1.18.10 without problems but do have to use the old bootloader option.  I get a compiles size od 22890 bytes and it needs 1338 bytes of memory.  So it can be done, just get the latest file and start over.


David G8DJM

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