Re: SNA mods

Daniel Walter

FYI for FDIM version here. Only had 5 screws and all were short length (6mm) with no spacers. I swapped out 4 slightly longer (10mm screws from my junk box) for the display area and made spacers from PCB material. I then drilled them and glued them in place to hold the display in without distorting the circuit boards. I did this as part of my h/w upgrade of parts to make it hardware Antuino version 2.1.

Also, when upgrading the firmware, I had to tell Arduino IDE 1.8.10 that board was Arduino Duemilnove, not a straight Nano board. All good now. 

Checking SNA, mine shows -19dBm after h/w upgrade and no change to R20 from original. 

Dan   NM3A

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