Re: Antuino: Building from the source files. Library location.


OK Having spent (a lot) more time on this.   Help is still needed please.

Can someone please confirm that the current Arduino IDE version 1.8.10 is suitable for compiling the firmware.

From trawling the web, and following several tutorials, I suspect that a much earlier version of the IDE may have been used, as what seems to be needed, as far as folder tree layout, is nothing like how 1.8.10 does things.

Is there any documented "how to" anywhere, to get us started on *this* project?

In brief, I can get other projects from other people to compile and build just fine, but not the Antuino project, downloaded (as a zipfile) from :-

However, I think I may be able to flip the VSWR plot the right way up, having found those parts of the sources, hopefully without touching the lookup table.


Dave G8KBV (or G0WBX, both valid, and both mine.)

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Like many others (so I see from some time with google) new to the Arduino IDE (successfully installed and working with other demo projects, and simple trials of my own etc.)  I'm having trouble figuring out what goes where, to get the Antuino firmware to build.

Can someone advise please, on the folder structure needed?   A blow by blow, as to what to put where, and what order to open source files etc.  As always, stuff like this is easy when you know how.    But when you don't...  It might as well be described in gobledegook...

I'm using Linux (Mint 19.2)  Arduino IDE version 1.8.10, and have all my other sources and projects as folders under ~/app-src.   In the case of the Antuino, I have extracted the contents of the zip from Git, and placed that at:-  ~/app-src/Arduino/antuino-master    I also have (currently empty) ~/app-src/Arduino/my-antuino  Where I'd like "My" experimental code to be, so I always have the virgin "master" copy elsewhere.

I've "installed" GLCD (according to the IDE) but antenna_analyzer_pl (or is it p1?  Font issues) still fails, saying that GLCD is missing.

The IDE also wants (insists) that each source file lives in it's own unique folder, with the same name as the source file.   Not seen that behaviour before.

Ideally, a zip of a clean source tree, that is known to build would be fantastic, sadly, what's on Git, seems to confuse not only me, but the IDE too.

73 for now.

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