New owner, and impressed!



The pre-built Antuino I ordered has arrived, and have to say I'm very

Eventually (no info, not even a link printed on a bit of paper was
included, but Google of course is my friend.)  Performed the two needed
calibrations, and it seems to work very well.   Currently using it to
monitor RF levels as I TX WSPR on 40m using the main station rig,
looking for the source of RF leakage!.

The battery tray needed a few minor mod's to take the AA cell's I have
(ALDI own brand.)   I may at some point investigate fitting an ex laptop
battery Lithium cell, and one of the common charger/5V-booster boards. 
That would make a very useful upgrade for me.  (There is enough room in
the case I think if the battery tray is removed, to fit one of the
common USB 5V power bank devices.)

A question:

Does the mixer LO (when working as a "Power Meter") always run on the
High Side, or is there a switch to Low side, at some frequency?  If so,
what frequency..

Other than the Github page*, and the basic info on the Bi-Tx site, is
there any more detailed information available about the project?  Any
simple user manual to download?

* I've pulled the sources, but suspect that they may not be complete.  I
was looking to see where the VSWR "curve" is plotted, to see if I could
flip it, so that 1:1 is at the bottom of the display, not the top (that
is the usual convention in instrumentation.)  If just for ease of
viewing, as that's what I'm used to.

There seems to be a minor issue when scrolling the SPAN frequency
setting too, for the widest span's, more a conflict when a low centre
frequency would result in a -ve  signal frequency value, at wide span's
I suspect.

It's going to take me a while to find my way around the sources, first I
need to find the Arduino toolset for Linux of course.

Overall, a very impressive bit of kit, especially for the cost.

Well done to all involved.


Dave G8KBV. (also G0WBX)

Created on and sent from a Unix like PC running and using free and open source software:

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