Please be respectful of the group and it's members. While a reasonable latitude in subject matter is expected, discussion containing significant off-topic or abusive material will be removed at the moderator's discretion. New members: after you join the group, the first message you post must be approved by the moderator. Once your first message is posted, subsequent messages are usually posted directly to the group. Test messages will not be approved. For a Quick Start Guide and advice on using the forum, visit the Group Members Help Wiki.


Message attachments such as photos and PDFs are permitted but forum storage space is limited, so please keep uploaded file sizes to a minimum. Do not attach high resolution photos! Most pictures can be compressed to less than 100 Kb without noticeable quality loss via an online photo processor such as Compressnow or img2go, or by using free software like Irfanview or FastStone Image Viewer. Multiple photos are best uploaded to a public server such as ImgBB or imgur, with a link to them in your post. PDF files can be compressed with Docupub before posting, or you can upload them to DocDroid and include a link in your post.

For Sale and Wanted Posts

Although Antique Radios was formed primarily as a discussion group, occasional non-commercial For Sale and Wanted posts are welcome here as long as you don't abuse the privilege. Messages promoting Ebay or Craigslist ads are not permitted. Please follow the rules outlined below or your post may be edited or removed by the moderator.

Your Subject line should begin with "For Sale:" or "FS:", "Free:" or "Giving Away", "Wanted:" or "WTB:". Include a short description of what you are offering or looking for. For Sale posts MUST include your general location (city or zip code) and all items listed MUST have asking prices. If you are parting out a radio or chassis, major parts must be priced. Attaching item photos is fine but we ask that you limit image sizes (see the Attachments section above).

When your item sells, please edit your original post to show that it has been sold. As a courtesy to others, don't hijack an existing For Sale thread to post your items - just start a new topic. Transactions should be completed via private email. To protect your privacy, we recommend that you not include your email address or phone number in forum posts.

Photos Section

This section is intended for sharing vintage radio-related pictures of unique and/or lasting interest by posting a small group of photos as an appropriately named album. We ask that you be conservative with images uploaded to this area as forum storage space is limited. Uploaders should follow the Photo resizing recommendations detailed in the Attachment instructions above. Un-resized pictures uploaded to the this section will be automatically reduced to 1024 x 1024 px maximum.

Images that do not to meet the above criteria are subject to resizing or removal by the moderator.

Files Section

This area is reserved for misc. document and reference files related to vintage radio and is not intended for individual photos. New file uploads should be limited to a maximum size of 250 KB per file. If you are uploading multiple files, please create a new folder first. Large PDF files can be compressed with Docupub before uploading, or you can upload them to a cloud service like DocDroid and post a PDF containing a link in the files section. Inappropriate or oversized files are subject to removal.


Guidelines are subject to change. Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy the forum!

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