Animation Shop Basics

PLEASE watch for the Pending Application and SEND it back filled out or you won't be accepted into the group. 

If you are looking for a place to learn Animation Shop 3.11 from the very beginning, this is the place. 

This group was Connie's Group on Yahoo but now New Ownership on Groups IO. It is with Connie's permission that we are using her tutorials.

Other Tutorials are being added so those who completed Connie's lessons may want to join and try out the others.


This is an English only group. You will need to understand the lessons as they are in English.

It is a NON Incredimail Group. If you have Incredimail, use the "No Background" setting.

This is a family friendly group. Absolutely no AC or SAC content allowed.


Look for the  Pending Member Application. 

If you do not send that application back we will not approve your Membership.


This is a self teaching course. 

You will not have a moderator to pass out lessons and check your lesson results. You can find the lessons by looking on the left hand side of the group's home page once you join and then click on Files.

You will download the lesson and work through it. 
The you can show us your results.

If you have questions you are welcome to ask through the group or email using the owner's email address


This is not a long course. You can stay in the group even after you finish the tutorials to help others or 

to refer to every now and then to refresh your memory. 


The Reading Lessons 1-5 show you how to set up Animation Shop to use the program. 

Then you can start doing the animation techniques lessons (1 - 10). 

Each lesson teaches a basic technique of animating. 

The lessons are in .eml format so your email program will open them. ;)


You will need a basic knowledge of PAINT SHOP PRO for these lessons. 

These two programs work together to create great animations.

Come join the fun and learn to animate!  

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