Re: How to disable the auto zoom feature when displaying S11 ?


Hi Wolfgang,

Once I am in the S11 display, can I disable the auto-scale / auto-scale feature?

For example, I want to set the S11 display from 0 dB down to -40 dB, I don't want the analyzer to change the axis values.

Many thanks in advance,

Carlos VK1EA

On Sunday, August 2, 2020, Wolfgang Kiefer <woki@...> wrote:

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Hi Carlos,
please start the Panoramic Scan menu (Frequency sweep). In the middle you will see : "Tap here to change graph type".
If you want to see only S11, you must tap four times into the middle of the display. Alternatively you can choose "Diagram Type" at the bottom line.
I hope this hint helps to solve your problem.
73, Wolfgang

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