Re: usb-hs not working #poll

Edwin Houwertjes

I probably is broken.

If you have it connected using a working cable and select USB hs reader, it should show up as an external usb drive on your computer.
There are no jumpers to set, the jumpers are just for selecting which power can power the discovery board,

Are you sure you have a good micro-USB cable? 
Are you sure you use the USB-hs port? (The micro USb next the the RJ45 ethernet connector)

If that is the case, there probably is a defect on the discoveryboard.


Op za 27 jun. 2020 om 20:08 schreef ON3TVA <linux210@...>:

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Hello Edwin,

Wel its doing nothing on my device, thats is my problem. and i dont understand way.
i not can see or acces the memory card on the device.

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