Re: usb-hs not working #poll

Keith Lloyd <m0kll@...>

Hello Tony,
after reading your post I thought I would try the same.
Plug the USB cable into my PC within seconds my Mini 1300 Start up screen activates.Unplug this cable and the screen goes off.
My 64 Bit PC tells me no Device Drive was not successfully installed
My 32Bit Laptops tells me Downloading STM32 STLink then message says Driver is available.
From this point I don't know where to go or do....
Is your PC a 64 Operating System.

On Saturday, 27 June 2020, 13:27:37 BST, ON3TVA <linux210@...> wrote:

I Have recieve the mini1300 bur the usb-hs is not working, when i connect to the computer nothing happens, (test on 3 computers)
Device manager of windows nothing happens.
I see on the mainbord no jumpers. Not sure if there must be jumpers ore not.
can you help me to solve this problem


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