Re: EU1KY (FW rev. 343) connectivity problems with AntScope 4.3.5

Gyula Molnar

Hi Carlos,
This problem may be because you have connected new hardware to your computer since it was last used, which overwrote its driver.
Since I have neglected the description of the solution (which I have since replaced on my web page) the following is:
It has never worked for me before with version, which is because my operating system has not been successfully updated.
Since then I have reinstalled the operating system (win7-32 ​​bits) by installing the service pack and then installing the Ms VC ++ multipack. I installed the driver at the same time as ST-Link was installed. After that, the latest version of AntScope became operational.

Edwin has suggested upgrading the firmware, which you can find a lot of information on KD8CEC and DH1AKF - you can find links on my website. (by clicking on bold text).

I hope I was able to help you with the solution.
I wish you a successful fix.
 73, Gyula HA3HZ

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