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A group for Amateur Ham Radio operators 📻 to have discussions, this area is a collaboration group and discussion forum.  This is an inclusive group for people excited by the possibilities of walkie-talkies, FRS/GMRS radio, Ham radio, CB radio, shortwave radio, HF, VHF, LF, morse code, radio for emergency preparedness, scanners, APRS, and the list goes on.  Ask any questions you may want answered or may be unsure of.
Dates for upcoming - Hamfests, Fleamarkets and other events.

Hamradio Antenna building & discussion about ideas and construction of homemade and commercial antennas for HF/VHF/UHF

Let us highlight issues about Amateur Radio operation.

This is a moderated Group. Please keep posts civil and on topic. (Any discussion about Amateur Radio is welcome)     Please provide an Amateur Ham Radio  [ Callsign ]  when joining as It is a requirement.  The email to join the group is authenticated matched / compared with your QRZ.COM email or Radio1D-net.
This Groupsio is open only to licensed radio amateurs who are interested in the ham bands.
Please state your callsign to join.
Your email must be linked to your callsign.
The most basic request for this group is to have your FirstName and Callsign displayed on your groupsio profile and have when joining an email that can be matched to your qrz page.

We Encourage you to consider a Ham License, there is a whole other world out there waiting for you.


The rules are simple. Treat others with respect at all times. Like you would want to be treated by your peers. No commercial sales or promotions are allowed. Any software posted in the "Files" area of the group must be in the public domain without distribution restrictions.

After membership approval, messages are normally unmoderated, meaning they do not need to pre-approved before they get posted. That does not mean they are not read by the moderator. Inappropriate, grossly off-topic or off-color posts will be deleted. Repeat offenders will first be placed on full moderation and then banned. Please, no discussions of religion, politics, etc. This is a radio group. Purely provocative comments are strongly discouraged. The goal here is to share information not to criticise others trying to get help or be helpful. Remember, everyone was a beginner at some point and no one knows everything.

All are welcome.


Yes we are visually considerate:  Voice ZELLO Chat ::


Pi-Star Users Support Group
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Digital Ham Radio / Amateur Radio
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DMR / C4FM / P25 / NXDN - hotspot discussion 

Amateur Radio Users Support Group 
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Scanners / Radio Frequencies 
Whistler Scanners / Radio Frequencies 

#HF #NXDN #P25 #C4FM #DMR 
#Brandmeister #DMR+ #DMRMARC #DMR #FUSION #DSTAR #Digital #HamRadio #RaspberryPi #AmateurRadio #Icom #Kenwood @Motorola #MD380 @Hytera #Anytone #Rfinder #Tytera #openspot @mmdvm #zumspot #dv4mini #TM-G707 APRS.if, satellite communication, fox hunting, 900 MHz gear for amateur radio, TYT, TH9000D

AMATEUR HAM RADIO groupsio is for postings related to all communications monitored on scanner radios and other receivers. These communications may be Police and Fire Dept traffic, Ship, Marine Patrol and Coast Guard traffic, Aircraft, Airliner and Air Traffic Control comms, Railroad comms, Business and Commercial comms, Federal and State Government Agency comms, Military and Homeland Security radio comms, Ham Radio (Amateur Radio), MARS and Civil Air Patrol Comms, GMRS comms, Parade, Events and Sports comms, Hurricane, Weather, Disaster, Crime Scene and Fireground comms, Presidential Visit comms, or other comms monitored at listening posts. The receptions include VHF, UHF, HF and MilSatCom comms, analog as well as digital. Loggings are limited to those which can be heard in North America. Postings of frequency and callsign lists are welcome, as well as information on scanning radios, HF receivers, antennas, radio modifications, amplifiers, filters and other radio equipment. Information on Trunked Radio Systems including Talk Group listings and Control Channel identifications are welcome. Postings are also welcome on FCC issues and rulings, changes in frequency allocations, frequency spectrum, propagation conditions, etc


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