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Laundry as love, therapy, and mindfulness practice



Summer MacDonald wrote:
Laundry is love. I love each person whose pants I am washing and folding. I love each meal I have shared with my family, that needed cloths and towels to wipe up the spills afterwards. (and more)
This new page is a match to the one about owning and washing dishes. It is about gratitude, abundance, service, and life.

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Sandra Dodd

Anyone new enough here not to know about my site-news blog, that's the next one I need to comb through and update/repair.  My My photos were all moved and many links need to be changed by hand to allow the internet safety measures to assure readers that sites are safe and good.   Eventually I hope to complete that. :-)

But the site is a good randomizer of pages newer than the randomizer at my site. :-)  SO many pages...  And a new one last week, about how doing laundry for people you love can be the sort of thing you might miss someday.  

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