I might have found it! (Re: Looking for a story) #partnership

Sandra Dodd

Karen, maybe this is what you're remembering. If not, it's still pretty cool.




This and much more there, mostly by Joyce:


Think about how you’d want a friend to ask for your help fixing a car or doing something you didn’t really enjoy. You could probably think of dozens of other things you’d rather do with your time. And that’s something your friend should realize and appreciate.


So how could your friend ask for help? And how should she treat you while you helped? And how should she treat you after, to acknowledge that she really appreciated you giving her some of your valuable time to do something she knew you really didn't want to do?

I hope this has what you needed, and I hope it's not too late!

(If this doesn't look like Sandra Dodd's e-mail, it is one.  "AElflaed" is my medieval-studies/SCA name.)