"Yes!" and Positivity and "lifting a finger" (and more site news)

Sandra Dodd

"Yes!" and Positivity and "lifting a finger"

I lifted Joyce's amendment of "Always Say Yes" and so there is new art and formatting and a direct link:

NEW completely, about not sharing negativity, and why it's harmful. Accounts of more joy, photo, links:

New "phrase to avoid" added: "...won't lift a finger to help around the house" (plus commentary and links)


Also new, but still in editing:
Chat transcript about the sections of The Big Book of Unschooling, on Experiences, and Building a Nest.

pages 123-125 of The Big Book of Unschooling (2009 edition) 
(pages 135-137 in 2019 edition)

Other things are having repairs, refurbishing, debuts, very often these days.
Happy September! 

(If this doesn't look like Sandra Dodd's e-mail, it is one.  "AElflaed" is my medieval-studies/SCA name.)