Two things, one about having a peaceful home, and the other about this group getting smoother.

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Something from 2006, from Unschooling Discussion (another once-yahoogroup), me responding to the quote. My kids were 14, 17 and 19, I think.

Sandra Dodd

24 Mar 2006, at 9:33am

On Mar 24, 2006, at 7:03 AM, Melissa wrote:

Again, my family members can't believe I let her have a TV
in her room. "If I let (fill in the blank) have a TV in her room,
all she would do is watch TV all day and night." When I tell them
that's not the case with us, they simply don't believe me.

My relatives don't dare. <g>

All my kids have TVs in their rooms. No... Holly took hers out when
the VHS player broke, and it's in a corner in the front room now,
unused. She has a computer. So do the other two kids, just since
last year for the younger two.

Hours, whole days go by with those rooms quiet, with one of the kids
in there drawing or listening to music at the most, or playing with
lego while a familiar movie is on, and they'll look up at their
favorite parts, maybe.

Our house is really very peaceful. A house full of "no" can't begin
to be this peaceful.


Back to 2019:

The days of VHS use and of DVD dependency are gone. Fewer kids “watch TV”d in the older sense. :-)
Still, though, the expectations and stereotypes and fears are real, outside (and inside parents, sometimes), and the happy, peaceful surprises still come along.