Where Is CBS Evening News When The Tables Are Turned????

Norma <athomeopathy@...>


Breaking news on WLWT - Channel 5 Cincinnati (NBC) local evening news
has just released this breaking story about the alleged rape of a
freshman girl by two freshmen boys on campus at Woodward High School
in Cincinnati during school today. I mean, doesn't that prove that
public schools cause violent crime? Where are the cameras? Where is
Dan Rather? Where is the CBS Evening News team condemning public
schools for the crime they foster by compelling kids to be in
school? Feel free to send a copy of this link, this story, to Dan
Rather on CBS Evening News.

Hey, I wonder what would happen if everyone sent every story about
every crime, at least the ones that we hear about, that takes place
in our public schools to Dan Rather. Stories about every child
molesting teacher or coach, about every teacher who sends
pornographic photos of students out, every robbery, every weapon
confiscated, every child threatened or beaten or intimidated. Do you
think he would see the light and stop drawing terribly flawed
conclusions in his news reporting?

Remember, too, that these are schools which all tax-payers are
forced to support and which all children are forced by compulsory
attendance laws to attend, except for those rich enough to send their
kids to private or parochial schools, or those who have loving caring
and sacrificing parents who elect to school them at home. Do you
think Dan Rather would comprehend that his logic and his reporting on
the homeschool stories last week were convoluted? I wonder.

And it is Dan Rather, by the way, who is still defending his bias in
reporting the two episodes of CBS Evening News last week. Maybe the
shows sponsors would like to read the stories about public school