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Julia Norcross

I do not have teens but I am familiar with depression. From an energetic perspective, depression is an overload of emotions in the heartspace that haven't been processed. Big relief and clearing can come when these unconscious places are more fully witnessed. You mentioned that he wasn't in therapy currently and I wonder if that might be revisited? A therapist who specializes in Internal Family Systems if that is possible and/or resonates. Another hugely helpful tool if he is up for it is to journal. Tune into the body and journal from the places that are painful to talk about, completely uncensored. 



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I thought there was another reply to this.

Also, I was hoping lots of you had current ideas about the particular problems of teens during covid closures and lock-downs.  Hoping for a pile of ideas.


Here I am with no pile of ideas myself, but please, if you read this, and have ANY suggestions for the mom with the question, put them out here.

I've come across some writing by Caren Knox that involves depression, and levels, and layers, so I'm leaving a link.

It says sarcasm, and that's what brought the question up, but it's about positivity and mental health, and could by helpful.

There are some links on that page, too, to other ideas from other days, about depression and mental health (not just lack-of-mental-illness, but *health*).


I don't know how teens are surviving months turning to years of a lack of availability of lots of other people their age.  MAYBE it would help to let them know that it is very normal and natural for people of that age to want to be with others like themselves, and let them know that you wish things were otherwise, and safer, and more open.   

Anything about stages of human development might be interesting to at least point at, and name—not as "a topic," or a unit, but maybe having a list on the kitchen table or taped in the bathroom, or just out, lightly available for a while.  Younger kids might be interested, too.  (If they're not, don't push it.)

or if you want to look at some graphic layouts of all that,

There are also Piaget's, which are more about cognition and awareness (maybe) than about interpersonals.  Same ideas, different angle, perhaps.,Four%20stages%20of%20development,stage%2C%20and%20formal%20operational%20stage.




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