Re: Grandparents and "standard questions"

Karen James

***We play all day, and they learn like crazy.***
Yes!  I love that.  I used to say something like, "You'd be surprised how much one can learn by living fully in the world!"  Then, if I had time and the person seemed interested, I'd share a short story or two as an example.  
Like Sandra said, keep in mind a few cool stories.  This is where watching our kids becomes so valuable.  Playing with them when you can is great too because you can bring those stories of a shared learning experience into your conversations with others.  It's hard to argue against that kind of personalized immersive investigation.  
As unschoolers, we get to see up close and be a part of our kids' learning.  That was just so cool and such a great privilege to me.  Doing so enlightened me about all of our human potential--my own included!  That, in turn, gave me a bit more compassion for the folks asking questions.  I came to understand that they, most often, just wanted to learn as well.  I figured I might as well make answering their quesitons fun and interesting for everyone if and when I could.  Sometimes I didn't have the energy for that, and that was okay too.  :)
Karen James

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