Re: Grandparents and "standard questions"


Inspiring story, Karen, beautifully written.

I grew up Southern Baptist.  Karen did not.  don't know that for sure, but here are my two best clues:  She's Canadian, and she (being a good writer), did not see what she did here:

That I could put their minds at ease was usually enough.  That I could do it with a clear enthusiasm for the opportunity we were given was even better. 
Ethan got to witness the fun and enthusiasm in my shared responses too.  I believe that helped him feel more confident in what they're doing as well, which, of course, was a wonderful bonus!

What Karen did was (in the terminology of Baptists and some other religious people of the U.S., and maybe other places) was witnessing.  So after her story of having the spirit move her to share how blessed their life was, she wrote "Ethan got to witness."

That term is what shook me into seeing the whole thing in that light.

Back to the reality of her writing:  Karen didn't use the words I used, but here (for those who don't know) are the principles behind "witnessing" as used by evangelical kinds of people:  IF what you do/believe is valid, then you and your own life should be evidence of its value.  IF your faith is strong, and based in something good, then if you share information about your life, it should be inspiring to others who will have higher regard for you and maybe/perhaps, even want to be more like you, or to know more.

So I will lay off the personal excitement, a bit, but it WAS fun for me to read it that way. :-)

At the grocery store one day someone was asked questions about my present-on-a-school day kids, one of whom was walking, and the other two were in the basket of the shopping cart/trolley.   It was a friendly, older couple,  who seemed to think the kids were interesting, and content, and so struck up a conversation.   They weren't critical, just curious, and 
asked about lessons.  I told them we didn't homeschool like that. I said "We play all day, and they learn like crazy."  They liked the answer, because the kids were being charming, maybe. :-)

Karen had more time, at that cook-out, and was taking on the challenge of "beating the boss" by addressing a bunch of PhDs in one place!  Impressive.  My most on-the-spot experience might've been the discussion after dinner at the home of the parents of an unschooling mom in India. :-)  

Those things will happen, at grocery stores, maybe in your own house, at restaurants, at parties...   (Holly reminded me of a long-ago restaurant encounter just a few days ago.)

Keep in mind a story or two you can share to avoid the deer-in-the-headlights problem.  Be prepared, and then don't be surprised if you don't need the stories.  :-)


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