Re: Feeling lost

Sandra Dodd

The odd mix of boredom, agitation, of time standing still, seems pretty much universal for the past nearly-two years.  Kids are NOT experiencing the peace and exploration they might've without the pandemic and crazy-ass politics (in some places; maybe not in Portugal where Cátia is).

If some of this doesn't apply, I'm sure it will be helpful to other readers.  Alex Wildrising / Alex Arnott wrote this in August 2020.  I'll put a link to the whole topic. It's at facebook.  Apologies to people who don't have an account, or who come here after facebook has fallen apart someday.

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Principles of unschooling that have helped me relate differently with my own highly active nervous system:
1) expanding awareness to include all the joy life offers rather than zooming in on the negative;
2) developing a habit of questioning the assumptions my mind make about potential dangers...learning not to take all my thoughts so seriously all the time.
3) developing mindfulness to slow down when my mind feels chaotic so I can reconnect with my values which in turn helps create the condition to make better choices;
4) learning the joy and privilege of being of service to others...I cannot overstate how vital this has been for my mental health. It’s helped me reconnect to others in meaningful ways.
5) deliberately choosing love, which is a wonderful antidote to fear/anger.
These are just a few examples of what’s helped me learn how to be solid in the face of anxious personality traits.
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