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Sandra Dodd

If I live long enough, I will fix up every page on my site. :-)

Today, for a couple of reasons, what has surfaced is and while it will still have some rearrangement to make it easier to read vertically (it was quite horizontally laid out), some of you might have a need now that you didn't have before, or you might be new to all of this.  

Mostly that one page ends up being about what kids might come across online, and it's from when my middle child (now 33) was a young teen.

That matches up with a more philosophical page called online safety.  Some of the ideas are as good as ever, though the dangers of plain old online safety, for kids, have expanded in the more recent crazy days.

Yesterday I revamped and polished up about "The night Holly was in trouble.


These are all related in the "does unschooling guarantee kids are   good  /   trouble-free  / "successful"—you know the kinds of questions.  And all these things came up, and there are links to similar others.


So now I'm building a page with what I wrote in 2017 about "me too."  That one tends toward the philosophical realities of helping kids/teens be safe, too, but right now my daughter (nearly 30) is sitting here talking to me, so I'll finish that later. :-)   It will be but so far, it's insufficiently completed. :-)





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