Re: Staying up all night and remembering retainer

Sandra Dodd

Retainers and teeth don't know whether a kid is unschooling or not.  A young friend of ours went out to eat, when my kids were in the 12-yr-old range, and she threw her retainer out, at KFC.  She had put it on the tray.

We went through a bunch of trash and found it, as I recall, but what if we couldn't have?  Those things DO happen; it's not because of unschooling.

-=-We're still giving some of Annie's suggestions a try. -=-

Instead of going down a list and trying things one at a time, read more about unschooling so that you understand the principles we're talking about and you can apply them to all kinds of situations. 

Here are some things Joyce Fetteroll saved, from discussions about teeth, and unschooling:

They're not suggestions to try; they are ideas to absorb.

On my site, some, too:


On Tue, May 11, 2021 at 10:27 PM Katie Robles <paigekitten@...> wrote:
We're still giving some of Annie's suggestions a try. 

I am usually the one doing the reminding because my husband is sleeping at that point, however my husband is feeling very concerned.  We've already had to replace one retainer because it broke when she had forgotten it was sitting out, and my 11 year old has extra dentist appointments for gum disease that isn't covered by insurance, so he's feeling like brushing when we ask should just happen. 

I don't know how to balance the different relationships (me and husband, daughters and me, daughters and husband) as well as I could in this situation.

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