Re: Staying up all night and remembering retainer


I know for teens and tweens it's very easy to get caught up in what they are doing and then just head to bed once they are tired without remembering to do the routine things like brush teeth. At this point those things are not a priority for them. If they are important to you, find ways for it to be easy for them to remember to do it. You could put her retainer on her pillow, for example, so when she goes to bed she sees it, and remember to clean her teeth and put it in. Some kids like a checklist or things to do, or there might be others ways you can set up a reminder before you head to bed. Chat to them about what would work for them, and try some things. Over time they might develop their own routine to get all those 'before bed' things done - my younger two, who like to stay up much later than me, are now very structured in the way they clean their teeth, brush their hair, do a few other things before they go to bed, no matter what time it is. I used to help set them up for getting everything done, and now they are able to, and want to, do it themselves and have found what worked for them.

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