Re: "The prizewinningest stupidest question"

Michelle Marr

We all say really dumb things when our brains aren't quite in gear.  I wonder, though, if the lines between what children learn at home and what they learn at school get blurred more and more now that preschool starts earlier and earlier and parents are calling daycare for infants and toddlers  "school." I know moms who happily say that their children learned potty training at daycare. If most of their waking hours are spent there, most of what they're learning is there too -- and that scares me a bit because it seems like the role of "school" is getting huger and huger. 

Our dumbest "you have to go to school to learn that" claim was while we were waiting in an extra line at the bank. A middle-aged, seemingly educated, man told me that my daughter would have to go to school to learn to stand in line. She was standing quietly next to me at the time and had been for quite a while. 


On Sunday, December 1, 2019, 09:19:08 AM PST, Sandra Dodd <sandra@...> wrote:

Holly’s telling me a story about a younger friend, early 20s, who dropped out of high school (or was booted).  He’s a friend of her boyrfiend.  She was telling me he was smart, but had asked her the dumbest question.

When she said she had never gone to school, he said “How did you learn to talk?” 

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