Re: Nose picking/thumb sucking/rudeness

Katie Robles

I searched the archives and found this: 

"Boogers and dirt...

Marty used to eat his boogers in front of the family, when he was little. I teased him out of it by offering to ask a friend of ours who worked at the zoo to save him some monkey boogers, or elephant boogers. I grossed him out gently, to help him see that he was grossing us out.

I told him he could do it in his own room, but not where other people were.

Sticking fingers in ANY holes in bodies, I used to say, was for privacy. Nobody wanted to see the insides of them, or what comes out of them, I'd tell them. So it wasn't a specific rule, it was a principle about bodily lumps and fluids, and about exploring our own orifices and parts."

Bodily lumps and fluids and exploring orifices and parts hits it right on the nose.  I guess I've hesitated to use humor or gentle teasing for fear of teasing a little too hard, but maybe that would be good to switch it up and get out of this "here goes mom again" broken record thing.

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