Re: Ipads for Christmas

My childhood Christmases were lavish and abundant. My parents worked hard to make sure our loungeroom was full of wonderfully wrapped presents on Christmas morning. They are some of my happiest memories, the excitement, anticipating with my brother. So much joy.

We are doing the same with our children. I want them to experience that same joy and abundance, so we work out ways to get them everything they want. It's already becoming less though. This year my 8-year-old only had two things on her Christmas list. She also spent $30 of her own money on a gift for the giving tree for a child who might not get any presents. On a trip to the city to see the Christmas displays, she was moved by a sign written by a homeless man and gave more of her money, plus some food to him.

Being generous and giving as much as possible to our children gives them joy. It also breeds generosity and creates a feeling of security and abundance. More is more.

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