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"I don't see any reason that you CAN'T limit their time on the computer or game playing."

I see lots of reasons for NOT limiting my kids' time on the computer or game playing or watching tv or knitting or reading or playing with barbies or playdough or baking or anything. Those reasons are that where joy is, you will find learning. Where joy is, you will find flow. These are all things we want to *help* our children do *if* that is what they want because we want them to learn. I could, if I wanted to, name many, many things that my children would *not* be doing if I had limited their time doing the things they love, including being on the computer and gaming.

You have every reason to worry about the health of their eyes. You also have every reason to worry about your child sitting all day."

I have 'every reason' to worry about them being in a car accident, I still take them out in cars. I have 'every reason' to worry about them catching some nasty illness, I still take them to play with their friends. If my child ran around all day, I might decide to worry about them pulling a muscle or breaking a bone. If they played outside all day I might worry that they'd never learn how to use computers - the very tools they're going to really need to understand to be able to thrive in the world they're growing up into. If they read books all day I might worry that they'll never learn the team-building, strategising, planning skills they could learn so easily from gaming. If I limited everything they did all day long, I might worry that they're never going to learn how to manage their own time; that they'll never have the chance to develop a skill if that's what they want to do; that they'll be angry with me and that holes will form in our relationship and that damage could lead to future mental health problems...

I always find it helpful to really pick apart my fears and compare them to other fears I could have and I usually come to the conclusion that I really should just chill out about it all and look for joy, not fear. Fear just gets in the way of everything. And fear itself is bad for you anyway -worrying about this or that all the time just means you have some nasty, harmful hormones floating round your body. You can find reasons to worry about everything but all those things will get in your way.


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