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janine davies

I couldnt find a topic page to put this on - so I chose this neutral one.

I just wanted to add a last word on the recent FB thread on Mental health, unschooling and spirituality, but would rather its only to members - so writing here instead, hope thats ok and still clear.

When my family started unschooling, as I have said, my partner and I felt the spirituality of it immediately and couldn't help but compare it to our buddhist practise. 
It is very profound and deeply transformative and the results of joy, happiness, kindness, gratitude and abundance, through changes of thought, word and deed are the key elements of successful unschooling, like buddhism. 

What I didn't say but meant too, and instead went off on an unhelpful, unasked for, muddled explanation of the practise….was that unschooling affected me so profoundly and immediately that I did start to question my buddhist practise for a bit, and for precisely the reason Sandra pointed out in her last comment on the FB thread 
>>The point I was hoping to have made was that there is a spirituality that doesn't have to do with dogma, but that has to do with becoming a better, more thoughtful, aware, mindful, compassionate, patient, grateful sort of person.<< 

I started to question it because of Dogma - different Dogma than christianity, but its still there.
Unschooling has no dogma but ALL of the same results that ripple out to the children, spouse's, relatives, friends and community. It was good to question my practise as we are encouraged in unschooling to question everything, I questioned the differences, that as Sandra rightly said, are argued about just like in world religions, but ultimately, and personally, I saw these spiritual practises travel well together for me in my life.

I wanted to share this to be helpful and encouraging, but more so to anyone that is starting out on this or having doubts - it is profound and spiritual, and you do become ''better, more thoughtful,aware,mindful,compassionate,patient and grateful'' and this discussion list and FB page are a huge support and guidance on the journey to true happiness that you don't have to thank anyone for, or give money too, or worship anyone for. 

Its grounded, realistic, accessible enlightenment.


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I failed to credit Jill for a photo today, and it went out to 1400 people. Doh!

I added this, but really too late. :-)
NOTE: I put this one up too late, too sleepy. I misspelled "happily" in the title, and didn't credit Jill Parmer for the photo. Very sorry.

The new/improved post is here:

There it is with one of the photos; a different one from the same set went on the article it links to.

The post is good, the article is just new on my site yesterday and (thanks to Marta for finding some typos) also now improved. It's the English original (cobbled back together by the translator, because it was from a series of e-mails) of an article solicited by "unerzogen," a German magazine.

From the link above, you can get to the longer article (with a a photo by Jill) in English or German.

And for anyone who might not have known about Just Add Light and Stir, I just want to say that maintaining that with a daily post isn't as easy as it might look. :-) I appreciate people letting me use some of their quotes and photos, because though most of it's my stuff, not all of it is!!

Just recently, Marta's husband Bruno's photo:

Colleen Prieto's photo:

Pam Sorooshian's words:

Joyce Fetteroll's words:

My niece, Gina Trujillo (unschooled; art of hers has been on the videogames page for many years): (third image down)


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