Re: Virtue, vice, and mathematics


-=-It is a jobs program because it is a failure of imagination that any other way to educate or babysit children is possible. -=-

I think it's a jobs program because the government made it mandatory, which guarantees jobs, and there continue to be add-on programs and expenses and expansions, providing more jobs for more specialists and consultants and lawyers and bookeepers. :-)

The teacher's union in California employees two attorneys full time.  (Or there were two ten years ago, anyway).  I know this because one of them was one of my best friends in college. :-)  And the union isn't even "the school."  

The connections just keep going out and out...

I think the complaint about math being taught too much is that at least in American schools, each days seems to have math, language (reading/writing), science, history.  All the time.


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