Re: Just learning!


My husband is not the kind to talk or discuss unschooling. Years ago he had some doubts, but trusted me for the most part.
He has read a few things and he has met a few great unschoolers and that was a huge thing for him.

Today our Veterinarian is doing a Herd Check on our Dairy Farm. They were vaccinating, pregnancy checking and doing ultrasounds to check pregnancies and sexing pregnancies.

Gigi , my seven year old , and I fed all the baby calves because dad was very busy with the Vet and then Gigi went with that do watch in the  Vet's extra screen  the ultrasounds. So my daughter is  looking at live ultrasounds of calves and my husband says:

" This beats any day in school"

He gets it. He can see all the learning our children is doing. He can even see  all the learning our son does while gaming and he is so not a gamer , my husband!

I like that page Sandra has : You will see it when you Believe it
Alex Polikowsky

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